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Set me up up
    And on fire.
                       You're red and on my wavelength,
                                                Aren't you?
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 1 1
Chaos is a low rumble inside me,
Slow- sinking- divinity- I
Caught myself in motion
And I
Remind myself, you reminded me to (slow…down)
Once or twice, I think of you.
Caught in the circles you and I are both familiar with.
You've asked me once or twice before
And I'll say once again,
I think I might be able to.
I've found you. Again.
I've spoken to you,
In my updated gibberish.
I guess I'm always evolving, and you
Seem to stay the same.
You ask me, what color will I walk with today?
And I
I haven't quite decided yet.
I'm feeling rather blue, but then there's
And I…breathe in innocence.
I haven't felt it in so…long.
And you hold me in familiar ways,
We still fit, like two unmistakable puzzle pieces.
And you accept my every move,
Even though- I know- you never understand it.
Thank you, thank you.
See, some time's gone by and you may not realize I,
Am- a little more worn out, than you may recall.
And I'm sure you're worn out too- but I'd like to buy you
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 1 0
                       You can lead a horse to water,            
                                 But I wonder, can you save him when he drowns?
           Exhaustion, palpitations,
                        Feed my fury, stoke frustrations.
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 3 5
Becoming X
Start the lesson,
I'm learning to feel the surface of myself.
I'm learning the brail your body speaks, slowly.
And crying out, direction, please.
I can control the wind, control the storms
But I cannot control myself.
I'm left to begging my shame to will itself away,
To wallow on it's own time.
as I strip myself of the meager  adolescence I am wearing
This heartbeat skips,  becoming x in sweet, deep, biosis
You ask for me, you ask me this,
I'm desperate
Molecules, rocking back in forth, inside my body,
Of my body.
As you become aware of the gravity that's holding me together
I can't stop, I drown in disarray.
I'm upside, inside out.
I'm every piece undone.
What's the problem,
Let's go on and try this again
It's colossal.
Your blood rushes to paint
You've got me inside out
Go on, point the blame.
I don't care, anyways!
I don't care, anyways!
Times gone away, a moment, I look over.
Brain cells washed their way onto the ocean of me.
Cooing me, rocking me to sleep, no w
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 2 0
Simon Says
Simon says,
       Put your hands up in the air,
             I feel compelled to respond…lawlessly, and I
       Haven't quite figured out why I'm so interested in what he has to say.
                                Simon says,  and I seem to forget
                                              I have a voice at all.
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 1 0
bring on the sun
Collapsing into impetus,
             I feign a falling, you cannot see.
                                  A world inside a world,
                                         Inside of me.
         Forgiveness of this travesty
                   You wallow in my tragedy
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 1 0
Get me out of this slow motion
            I'm falling deeply into magenta
                                                        Slowly, delving,
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 1 0
pet cloud
I tied a cloud to an old shoelace
           And I walk it with me everywhere I go.
                                To make sense of why I feel the way I do.
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 2 4
Girl in the Golden Fields
"Gingerly." She said
       through red lips- cherry smoke.
     I inhaled it like I consumed her very words.
Hot smoke and a cool chill,
          Hair whipped high above her head
               As if it were a crown fit just for her.
   "Seems we forgot our last autumn." She says
                "Now she's back and will not be ignored."
       A smile. And a turn. And walk away.
                    Walking as if she were on a trapeze.
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 1 1
what's my age again
I saw a twenty dollar bill today.
          It was crumpled up into a ball.
              It was by a gutter on the street.
                  It was raining, being held there by a miracle.
                     It lay beside leaves, and cigarette butts, and trash
                     (trash from seven eleven, trash from burger king,
                      trash from all the places that keep this country
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 4 5
You can have the sands
         If I can have the time.
                                      Trickling down this,
                                          Life of mine.
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 2 1
       Doors aren't just opening and closing these days.
               They're slamming and swinging.
                                  They’re being broken down.
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 1 1
Justify my indecision
I was born in the grey area.
                  I let it wrap around my fingers,
                        Let it blow through my hair.
       I held it in my hand
           I held it to my heart.
                                    It shook my every bone.
                                      It made me whole.
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 0 0
They say you’re like a drug, baby
But you’re more like disease
They say let it alone, and maybe…
But you’re no mystery
No. Not any more.
I understand perfectly…
No, I do not love you
It’s nothing like that
In fact I know all about your tendencies
But I’m still coming back.
Oh you’re a disease, baby
Sweet tasting rabies
A craving you please
Makes me drop to my knees
You’re a suicide mission
I can’t help but believe in.
You’re the worst in me darling
Still I want you. I want you. I want you.
You’re a disease
I try so hard sometimes
Just to lock you away
To a cold dark corner of my mind
But you rain light on my every shadow
And I’m sad to say I’ve ran out of time.
You’re a disease.
You’re a bad habit I just cannot kick.
You’re so out of reach
You’re a sweet sadist that makes my heart sick.
Do you understand how I threw it all away for you baby?
Do you know the nights I spent hoping you’
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 2 1
What to do with...
What once were moderately stable walls…
             What was once your picture on my wall…
                       What once was a high ceiling above my head…
It’s all around me on the floor I walked all over.
                               I’m sitting in the middle like a child.
        Pulling at my hair.
                   “It’s fallen, again
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 0 1
Deep Drag 'revisited'
                I’m on the same steps I was,
                    Nearly one year ago.
                  Feeling nostalgic.
                            And until today,
                    I’d quit smoking.
But it’s philosophy I find,
                When I light up.
:iconxx--razz--xx:Xx--Razz--xX 1 4

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I'm starting to get into the writing frequently again, which is good. Not all is top quality stuff but what can ya do? Hopefully I'll get some photos on here too soon. Oh, and get my DA in order because, uh, apperantly you can customize and make it pretty now. Who knew? Hm. I'll get on that one of these days. In short... I am very excited about not being a total slacker anymore. So there should be more to come.

Also, I should be making my return to Winchester in September! Yes! Goodbye Bluefield! You suck! Everything is planned out it just needs set in place. Hopefully I will be able to get my awesome book discount again 'cause I've got a list <3
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Favourite style of art: Surreal
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Shell of choice: conch.
Favourite cartoon character: Gaz, probably?
Personal Quote: "And I am probably someone’s favorite pastime. If I’m not I could be yours...&


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